11 Christmas Inspired Recipes

11 Christmas Inspired Recipes

Tis' the season for good food. So here are 11 Christmas inspired appetizer, dinner, and dessert ideas perfect for this magical holiday coming up.


0:12 – Christmas Dinner Crunchwrap
0:57 – Santa Claus Pull Apart Cupcakes
1:33 – Snowman Pull Apart Cupcakes
2:12 – Reindeer Pull Apart Cupcakes
2:57 – Fajita Stuffed Christmas Trees
4:01 – Pull Apart Cheesy Christmas Trees
5:02 – Candy Cane Cake Roll
6:32- Giant Christmas Sausage Roll
7:22 – Mac And Cheese Christmas Recipe
8:16 – Christmas Sausage Stuffing Bread
9:12 – Nutella Christmas Tree
10:17 – Pizza Christmas Tree

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