APPLE PIE Pizza!? Thanksgiving Dessert Pizza!

APPLE PIE Pizza!? Thanksgiving Dessert Pizza!

(upbeat music) – Hey, I am Alyssia. – And I am Christian. – And welcome to Eat The Pizza. – And right this moment, we’re making the extremely requested, due to you guys, apple pie pizza. – Sure, it is excellent for Thanksgiving or the vacations. – Yep, and this episode is delivered to you by Mattress Agency. – Yeah, let’s be actual, a part of the enjoyable of the vacation season is letting your self loosen up and indulge. And the adjustable base from Mattress Agency makes that lots simpler as a result of you may modify your place to your final consolation and rest ranges. – Now that is what I am speaking about. However, what’s a day of R and R with no good snack? We gotta eat some meals and right this moment, we’re gonna present you learn how to make an apple pie pizza, which you’ll be able to eat your self, share along with your family members, household, associates. – You are not gonna wanna share it although ‘trigger it is gonna be so good you are gonna need all of it to your self.

– I encourage you to not share it. – And, let’s start. – I encourage you to solely eat it solely by yourself, by your self. (ominous music) Do not share it. Do not even share it.. (scene beeps) – First, we have gotta peel and pop. – Peel and pop. – Press spoon towards seam. Properly, we have gotta peel it first. I hate opening these. Oh, no! This can be a rectangle. – Oh, it must be a circle, we shoulda obtained a circle variety. – I imply, it does not have to be, – Do they even make a circle? – However I would like, (ominous music) – No, I do not suppose they do. – I imply I suppose you might get it similar to. – I would like to have a circle pizza right this moment. (thud) – Oh, dang! – Tips on how to get this in to a circle? – Properly, we begin by taking the corners and. (loud whoops) – Alright, that is like a circle. – Mama Mia. – We gotta prebake the crust whereas we reduce the apples. Into the oven, it goes. (upbeat music) Alright, so, we’re gonna reduce the apples. – Cuttin’ it down the middle. – Cuttin’ it down the middle.

– Right here, how’s this? – Properly, it is excellent. – Good. Who is aware of if I am doing the correct quantity of wedges? – Christian, you higher be. Alright, we have our apples. Now, we will, – (Snaps fingers) cuttin’ up. – Cook dinner em up. Alright, we’re making our apple pie filling. Sugar, flour, cinnamon, apples into the combo. (whooping) Now we gotta in some way get all of them coated. – Oh! – Ooh! – Let’s get it cooking. And we’re gonna get em good and coated. Get these apples coated hun, fast earlier than they soften.

– Hear, I am engaged on getting em coated. – Get them a little bit bit higher coated. – I am engaged on it. – Crap! – What! What, what what?! – We did not peel the apples. – Meh, we eat the pores and skin! – No, not in apple pie! – We eat the pores and skin of the apple. – No, not in apple pie, you must peel the apples. – No, look how delicate the are. (scene beeps) Crumble topping, so we obtained, – Flour. – Flour. – Oats. – Oats. – Brown sugar. – Do not thoughts if I do. – Softened butter. – Softened butter. – My favourite spice, that’d be cinnamon, all people. You make sure that the butter’s all crumbled. – Yeah in order that’s gonna turn out to be the crumble on prime of our pie pizza. (upbeat synth music) ♪ child ♪ (doo wop music) ♪ sha la la ♪ ♪ Congratulations ♪ – Do not thoughts that, you are not gonna see it.

– It is gonna get lined in apps. ♪ Child ♪ – I believe it seems nice! Ought to we put the dutch, – crumble? – Put the crumble on? (easy velvety music) – Oh, yeah! – Into the oven it goes, come on. (upbeat funky music) – And now it is time for the Pizza Truth of the Day, all people! – The pizza truth is (belches). Early English apple pies really had no sugar in them, as a result of sugar value an excessive amount of and so they used candy fruits like figs as an alternative to sweeten it.

– That is really fairly sensible. – Yeah, however prolly tastes worse. – Prolly tastes a lot worse, sorry. Alright, what are we whipping up right here? – I believe our apple pie pizza wants a frosting. Like an icing. – I agree. – Like I do know most apple pies haven’t got an icing, however it’ll simply go completely. – It is the vacations all people! – It is the vacations, you are indulging, you are getting a day of R and R. – In goes goes this powdered sug. – Powdered sugar. – In goes this milk.

– Slightly bit at a time. So that you see how that is good and thick? Thick? – Now that is an icing! – Thick, however drizzly is what you are going for folk. (scene beeps) – (snaps) Come on! – Joe! (doo wop music) ♪ congratulations ♪ ♪ congratulations ♪ – Alrighty! – Whoa, whoa, whoa! This seems freaking wonderful! – It does! I am able to dig in. – Smells like apple pie. (vibrant synth music) – And I believe it is time, – To eat the pizza! Let’s do it! Come on! – Ooh! That crust held up effectively! – Yeah it did, it actually did.

– That is good. – Cheers to you. – Cheers to you! (upbeat synth music) – (mumble laughter) – That is actually good! (laughs) – That tastes like apple pie, however you eat it like a pizza. – This can be a dutch apple pie within the type of a pizza. Which is precisely what you requested. – That crumble is so good on prime! – It is actually good. – The apples are completely delicate. – Including the icing, the frosting stuff, – Yeah. – Nice selection. – And you continue to have, – how did you do it? – You continue to have a little bit little bit of the savory steadiness with the precise pizza crust, so it is not overly candy. Prefer it’s a dessert for positive, however you have obtained that like salty candy steadiness, mmmmm.

And I used to be fearful it was gonna be too thick. – Ha! – I used to be fearful it was gonna style like an excessive amount of apple pie to crust ratio, and I used to be fearful that the crust wasn’t gonna maintain it up. Each of these worries, not a priority now. However that pizza crust provides it the savory. – I believe it is time for us to get to mattress, truthfully. – (laughs) – I am prepared. – I believe we’re, – I am prepared proper now. – All proper, let’s go. – Let’s get out of right here. (scene beeps) – Man, I am full. – What an ideal present. – We’re making a buffalo hen pizza cone, – For our savory. – This 12 months, Mattress Agency is encouraging you to indulge. Perhaps it is in some apple pie pizza, perhaps it is an additional hour of sleep, perhaps each. – They’ve loads of nice flash gross sales on-line and in retailer. – You’ll be able to study them, and discover ways to get an adjustable base without spending a dime, utilizing the hyperlink within the description field.

– Thanks a lot for liking, commenting, and subscribing. – I hope that you’ll check out this pizza. The recipe hyperlink is within the description. And we’ll see you in two weeks, – On Eat The Pizza. (upbeat digital music) Goodnight Goodnight (laughter) .

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APPLE PIE on pizza!? Why not!? It’s excellent for Thanksgiving dessert!

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