Choose Something For Your Festive Table From Our Christmas Dessert Menu

Choose Something For Your Festive Table From Our Christmas Dessert Menu

4 Christmas Desserts To Get You In The Holiday Spirit
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The perfect Christmas banquet requires more than just a turkey or ham on the festive table. The right dessert can literally be the icing on the cake. And for this special time of year you really want something better than vanilla ice cream from the tub or some dry, boring cookies. To help with your dilemma, we've brought together four desserts that are so tasty you'll manage to find room for them even after an indulgent Christmas feast.

1. Chocolate Christmas Tree:

2. Cheesecake in an Apple:

3. Braided Cookies:

4. Marzipan and Cherry Tiramisu:

There are many days left until Christmas, which means you don't have limitless time to consider which spectacular dessert you're going to choose for spoiling your loved ones on Christmas Day. If you can't pick only one, just make a couple more! If these recipes have anything in common, it's that they're super easy to make and still add an exciting touch to any Christmas feast — both when you first see them AND when you start eating. Enjoy!


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