Disneyland’s Dole Whip recipe vs. Dole Whip’s recipe // Dairy vs. Non-Dairy

Disneyland’s Dole Whip recipe vs. Dole Whip’s recipe // Dairy vs. Non-Dairy

Disneyland’s Dole Whip recipe vs. Dole Whip’s recipe | Dairy vs. Non-Dairy

Henry: That is Mickey and Mark and that's my Dad, Rex.
Rex: I'm Rex Warner and we're right here at the moment to check out the Disneyland model of Dole Whip
vs the Dole Whip model.
Henry: So we're going to do this at the moment!
Rex: After we wrote about this, this story acquired a ton of views.
Mark: Lala!
Rex: Tons of individuals had been actually on this recipe.
So the primary recipe, that is the Disneyland recipe, it requires one scoop of ice cream,
half cup of pineapple juice, two cups of frozen pineapples.
Principally simply three components.
Henry: I’m going to scoop up the ice cream.
Daddy are you able to please assist me?
Rex: Yeah.
Henry: Raise it up.
Rex: You guys prepared?
Henry: Yeah.
Rex: OK, that's trying fairly good to me.
Rex: OK.
Henry: Oh, it’s actually exhausting to get out.
Rex: Now on to the official Dole Whip recipe.
Henry: For actual!
Rex: This one requires one cup of frozen pineapple juice, one banana frozen and peeled,
two and a half teaspoons of powdered sugar, half a cup to a fourth of a cup of unsweetened
coconut milk.
So instantly we moved from three components down to 5.
There was a little bit of an issue as a result of the official Disneyland recipe wasn't official
sufficient for some folks.
However I actually suppose that three components versus 5.
Mark: Hello-ya!
Rex: Is de facto … One of many greatest issues I discovered moreover having 5 components was
the truth that you should freeze pineapple juice.
Mark: I need to do it.
Rex: OK, one banana frozen.
So then, two and a half teaspoons of powdered sugar.
The final ingredient is coconut milk.
You may assist Mark.
Henry: Can I assist too?
As a result of I’m actually robust.
Rex: OK, Mark’s flip.
Dump it.
We’ve put our 5 components into the blender and that is clearly going to be
just a little tougher.
OK, let's simply …
Henry: Style check!
Rex: So which one can we need to strive first?
Mark: This one!
Rex: You bought some?
Henry: It’s kinda frozen in my thoughts.
Mark: This one’s good!
Rex: Mark likes it?
Mark: Yeah, I like this one.
Henry: I don’t prefer it.
Mark: This may style good too.
Rex: OK, Let’s strive it.
Mark: Blah!
I don’t like this one.
Rex: So Mark is sure to the Dole Whip, no to the Disneyland.
Mark: I like this one higher than this one.
Rex: What's it for you Henry?
Which one do you want higher?
Henry: This one.
Rex: That's my vote too.
This one positively is extra pineappley.
I believe it's clear why Disneyland launched this different recipe.
It's less complicated, it has extra components that you’ve available.
The Dole Whip one has much less components that you’ve available, there’s just a little bit extra
prep time and there's extra components generally.
Mark: I don’t like that one.
I like this one.
Rex: However in keeping with a 3-year-old, it's higher.
Mark: I like this one higher than this one.

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