Dream Cake Graham | Choco and Oreo Graham Float | Christmas Dessert | How To | Easy Recipe

Dream Cake Graham | Choco and Oreo Graham Float | Christmas Dessert | How To | Easy Recipe



1 Pack M.Y SAN Graham Crackers (Chocolate)
1 Cup Chocolate bars (for Chocolate Shard)
1/8 cups Butter (for Chocolate Shard)
1cup Chocolate bar (For Chocolate Ganache)
1 250ML all purpose cream ( for Chocolate Ganache)
1cup crush oreo (For Oreo Frosting)
1 250ml All purpose cream (for Oreo Frosting)
1small pack of Milo chocolate powder


1st Step: Chocolate Shard

*Melt the butter and chocolate in small pan at very low heat.
*Pour the melted Chocolate to a tray with parchment paper.
*Spread the melted Chocolate, enough to cover of your graham container.
*Let it Cool, then mark it with the container top edge or the cover, then cut the excess chocolate and freezer it.

2nd Step: Chocolate Ganache

Combine chocolate bar and All purpose cream in a pan at low heat. Let it cool and set a side.

3rd step:

In a mixing bowl, whip the cream in high speed to make double it size. Then add oreo and mix well.

4th step: Arrangement

*In a rectangular container brush it with sugar syrup.
* Add the first layer of graham crackers. For small empty space you can cut small pieces of crackers or fill it with crushed graham.
*Then Brush again with sugar syrup.
* Now add the oreo frosting first. Spread well. Then add the 2nd layer of graham crackers. Brush it again with sugar syrup
*Then pour the chocolate ganache. Spread it well.
*And add Chocolate Shard. Carefully remove the parchment paper.
*Now add Chocolate powder either dust it or spread it using spoon.
*Now the Dream Cake Graham is Ready, Chill first before serving. ENJOY.

*For Sugar Syrup

Combine 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of sugar.
Bring boil for 5mins in low heat.

*Disclaimer: I'm not good in English Im sorry for my grammar.

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