Eggless Fruit Trifle | Easy Dessert Recipes | Christmas Special Recipes By @MintsRecipes HINDI

Eggless Fruit Trifle | Easy Dessert Recipes | Christmas Special Recipes By @MintsRecipes HINDI

This Christmas, when you have a party at home Serve your guests some yummy Christmas Desserts along with yummy Appetizers. Learn how to make Eggless Fruit Trifle by Mints Recipe fame Chef Reshu Drolia. Stay tuned to Big Bazaar Food for more such amazing Christmas recipes.

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1 Vanilla Sponge
Custard Fruits
Whipped Cream

2 cups Milk
5 tbsp Sugar
3 tbsp Custard Powder

1. Take custard powder, pour in some milk and Mix it well together.
2. Now in a saucepan, add a jar full of milk, powdered sugar and Mix it well.
3. Pour in the custard mixture and Stir it simultaneously.
4. In a large bowl, add a cup of chopped mixed fruits, cup of orange juice and Soak it for about 4-5 hours.
5. Take a glass, place few vanilla sponges as the base, pour some orange juice, add few kiwis, pour the custard, then mixed fruits and repeat with another layer of custard.
6. Top layer will again have the vanilla sponge, orange juice, mixed fruit, kiwi and custard.
7. Finally top it up with some whipped cream, jam, mixed dry fruits and cherry.
8. Ready to Serve!

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