GOAN DODOL|| Authentic Christmas Traditional SPECIAL SWEET Recipe|| Jaggery Coconut Milk Dessert

GOAN DODOL|| Authentic Christmas Traditional SPECIAL SWEET Recipe|| Jaggery Coconut Milk Dessert

GOAN DODOL is a Special sweet Made at the time of Christmas using COCONUT MILK and Palm JAGGERY along with Elaichi Powder RICE flour Chopped CASHEW. The DODOL is a GOAN sweet which may take approximately 1 and Half Hour To prepare but as a OLD STYLE Traditional Special Recipe on Christmas and Christmas eve It Tastes Really well. Dodol Recipe is a HIGH CALORIE Sweet Recipe.
As the name says It is Special Food Of Catholics from GOA and thus theses are GOAN foods, Some people also Says that it is a Malaysian Tradition to make this on the occasion of Christmas Festival.
In telugu it Can be Called as KOBBARI BELLAM Sweet. Moreover Andhra Festival Coconut Special Recipe CHALIVIDI or CHALIMIDI resembles this GOAN DODOL.

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