Homemade Churros Recipe 2 ways – With & Without Piping Bag

Homemade Churros Recipe 2 ways – With & Without Piping Bag

Do-it-yourself Churros Recipe 2 methods – With & With out Piping Bag

Do-it-yourself Churros Recipe
On this video I’ll present methods to make churros 2 methods: Churros with out piping bag, and churros with out egg. All simple recipes and strategies, to not point out scrumptious! My nephew was my churro helper! 🙂

Scorching Chocolate to go together with the churros:

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Churros Recipe:

– 250 gr Milk ( 1 cup)
– 125 gr Flour ( 3/four cup + 1 tbsp)
– 1 tbsp Butter
– half tsp Salt
– Three Small Eggs OR 2 giant Eggs

– Sugar and Cinnamon to coat the curros

Take pleasure in!

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