Homemade Strawberry Jam on Scones Recipe

Homemade Strawberry Jam on Scones Recipe

Let’s make some chunky strawberry jam! Excellent with scones & dollop cream.

Usually jam is made by cooking the fruit slowly till it turns into near mush. Wherein case you’d chop your fruits into actually small items and cook dinner on low for a fairly lengthy time frame.

On this recipe, we’re making strawberry jam that is chunkier and likewise a lot faster to cook dinner. Additionally, extra Instagrammable.

2 cups Strawberries, roughly chopped
2 tbsp White Sugar
1 tsp Honey (elective)
Lemon juice/zest (elective)

This recipe yields 2 servings, so 1 serving per cup of fruit.

The sugar will let the strawberries sweat its juices. Simply go away it within the fridge for a pair hours – however finest in a single day.

You should utilize brown or uncooked sugar as a substitute of the bleached variety, however you will positively style the distinction. Simply cut up the fruit into 2 batches to try to evaluate each if you’re curious. I personally desire utilizing white sugar.

Put your pan or sauce pot on low-medium warmth. Simply modify accordingly, relying on the quantity of strawberries you’re utilizing and the dimensions of your burner.

Effervescent is ok, but when it bubbles a bit an excessive amount of simply elevate the pan for a bit and shake somewhat. Decrease the flame if vital.

Add honey for a little bit of sheen. Nonetheless, you will positively style the honey so it is elective.

Add lemon juice and/or zest for some tanginess. That is usually to style, however for two cups of strawberries round 1 tsp must be good.

Lower scones into halves (like an English muffin). Lather some dollop cream/double cream. Then prime along with your contemporary, do-it-yourself jam.

Tremendous sizzling jam, due to the sugar, will soften not solely your cream, but additionally your tongue.
Permit to chill earlier than utilizing.
This will even permit it to thicken a bit extra.

Use the very same recipe for different jam variations e.g. blueberries, sugar plums, peaches, mangoes, and many others.

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