Make ANY Cookie with THIS Recipe  (Linzer/Sugar/Gingerbread/Chocolate/Butter/Holiday Cookies

Make ANY Cookie with THIS Recipe (Linzer/Sugar/Gingerbread/Chocolate/Butter/Holiday Cookies

hey guys today we’re making this
beautiful and delicious selection of cookie this is perfect for custom cookie
box for a bake sale or to just have a round for your family and friends and no
we’re not taking cookie dough and just shaping it differently that’s
too easy for us I’m going to show you how to make one simple base dough and
then quickly transform it into completely different cookie dough’s
different flavors different style cookies this is the way professionals
quickly make different cookies so we’re going to make the basic cookie
dough which is different than your typical cookie dough and then I’m going
to show you how to take that and make different types and different style
cookies just by adding additional ingredients to the same recipe we’ll
also talk about fillings today as we go along because the filling you decide to
use will determine how well these cookies will keep or how fast they will
deteriorate to the creamed butter I’ve gone ahead and added the powdered sugar
I’m using vanilla powdered sugar today regular powdered sugar is perfectly fine
to use just make sure to add some vanilla extract as well to your cookie
dough and once those are combined you can add the X today we’re using just the
egg whites if you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe and click that
notification bell I post new videos every week at this point we’re ready to
add the flour and salt in three additions do not add the flour all at
once this is a lot of cookie dough we want to make sure everything is well
combined do not be afraid to mix this thoroughly this recipe contains so much
butter that there won’t be any gluten development okay
the texture of these cookies is quite interesting and amazing I always like to
use the phrase melt in your mouth but these cookies will literally melt in
your mouth when you try these cookies you’ll fully understand what I mean by
that they have the most amazing unique cookie texture now this dough will be
quite so that’s perfect that’s how you want it to
be we need to start off with a very soft dough because we will be adding more
ingredients as we go along you’re going to take the dough and divide it evenly
into five bowls I do like to use a scale for this if you love to bake please
invest in a scale if you don’t have one though just make sure as I said you
divide the dough evenly with a large ice cream scoop into five bowls or you can
even just place the dough onto some parchment paper and use the same Bowl to
mix you know one cookie dough at a time the first cookie recipe we’re going to
be making are Linzer cookies I feel it’s such a must cookie for the holidays so
do your first bowl you’re going to add some almond or hazelnut flour whichever
you like best you’ll also need some additional flour because Linzer cookies
are cut out style cookies the extra flour will really help these retain
their shape now I did add off-camera some almond extract I’ve forgot to add
it while I was mixing the dough so you do want to add it and eventually you’ll
have to switch from your spatula to your hands that’s the fastest way to bring
the dough together unless you’re obviously using a stand mixer take the
first cookie dough and place it between two pieces of parchment paper spread it
out using your hands or a rolling pin and you’re going to pop this in the
fridge while we make the other cookie dough’s the second cookie recipe we’re
going to make our gingerbread style cookies
so do your cookie dough you’re going to add some ginger cinnamon and additional
flour and cocoa powder the cocoa powder is mainly there for color because we
won’t be adding any molasses today I really wanted to include gingerbread
cookies in this video because I feel it’s such a staple holiday cookie
however if you’re anything like my nephew who really does not like
gingerbread cookies you should definitely try this recipe because as I
said there’s no molasses so the flavor is a lot more delicate it’s almost like
eating a snickerdoodle with the addition of ginger it’s
delicious pop the dough into the fridge and we’re
going to make the classic the most you know holiday-ish the classic vanilla cut
out sugar cookie now this one is quite simple all you need is extra vanilla
extract and again some additional flour to hold that cutout cookie shape sugar
cookies are probably my favorite holiday cookie they’re delicious plain they’re
delicious frosted or iced and they’re so versatile you could even add some
sprinkles or a drop of red food coloring to make these even more festive pop the
dough into the fridge and we’re going to make chocolate sugar cookies for a deep
chocolate flavor you do want to bloom the cocoa powder just make sure you’re
making a paste rather than a liquid mixtures of the dough won’t be wet this
is a cookie dough it’s not a cake okay go ahead add the additional flour I felt
that our cookie box really needed some kind of chocolate cookie chocolate is
always a good idea and it’s perfect for the holidays I do also want to mention
that you can make all of these cookie dough’s up to ten days in advance and
then just pop them in the fridge until ready to use or you can bake the cookies
and store them in an airtight container for up to a week it’s a great dough with
the remaining cookie dough so the fifth one we’re going to make piped butter
cookies and I’m going to show you how to pipe these cookies these will take some
practice it’s not something you learn overnight but I’m going to show you a
really simple shape that you can make that looks beautiful using a star tip
onto some parchment paper you’re going to pipe an S shape I remember the first
job I got as a pastry cook this was way back this shaft holds me it’s not so
much the shape you do it’s about being consistent with that shape and size if
you can make these all the same shape and size that’s all that matters and I
really do think that’s true so make these
any shape you like but try to be consistent with that shape you’re going
to pop these into the fridge for about half an hour before you bake these okay
so after half an hour at this point your dough should be chilled you’re going to
flour your work area and roll out the dough to about 1/4 1/4 of an inch
thickness now this recipe I’m giving you makes a lot of cookies you can easily
get around three to four cookie boxes obviously it depends on how big or small
you want your cookie box to be I know I’m going to get asked how many cookies
this recipe makes and it really comes down to the size and shapes you’re
making however you’ll roughly get around I want to say 100 cookies place the
cookies onto your prepared cookie sheet or cookie sheets and bake the cookies at
170 degrees Celsius or 340 Fahrenheit for around 15 minutes okay so let’s talk
about fillings now if you’re having a bake sale or your gifting these or you
just want to make these ahead of time for your family it’s best if you choose
fillings that keep well Jam is a great option you can use homemade or
store-bought there’s so many flavors to choose from melt a chocolate dark milk
white you have so many options or you could also just go for the classic royal
icing I didn’t make it for this video but I’ll put in the description box a
link to that video and I also explained in that video how to decorate cookies
using royal icing vanilla buttercream or chocolate buttercream is another option
however it won’t be as stable as the other ones you could even just make a
simple glaze with powdered sugar water and vanilla the last option is to just
keep these plain last year I made cookie bags I’ll insert a picture for you and I
left the cookies plain plain simple cookies are delicious and that’s also
another simple way to package cookies you can easily get around 10 to 12 bags
of cookies I’m using my square cake pans today this
is just to give you an idea how to package these cookies but obviously use
a normal box with a lid or you can wrap the box with cellophane do not buy any
cookies this year make these yourself cookies are one of those treats that are
amazingly simple to make and no store-bought cookies will come even
close to your beautiful and delicious selection of homemade cookies no
store-bought cookies will look or taste like that the texture of these cookies
like I said it’s very unique and melt in your mouth no other cookie will have
that extra and that amazing flavor


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