Simple Sourdough Bread 🍞🍞75% Hydration

Simple Sourdough Bread 🍞🍞75% Hydration

Easy Sourdough Bread 🍞🍞75% Hydration

It is a very primary sourdough bread: 500 g flour, 375 g water, 100 g starter, and 11 g salt. It follows the identical course of/components as my Complete Wheat-ish Sourdough Bread recipe. This one makes a barely bigger loaf and requires all-purpose flour or bread flour (no entire wheat, although you definitely might add some if you want).

On the finish of the video, I must you the crumb of two totally different loaves, one which underwent a 6-hour fridge proof, and one which underwent a 24-hour fridge proof.

An extended, chilly proof is the important thing for a lighter, airier crumb.

Discover the total recipe right here:


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