The Official Disney Magical Churros Recipe 迪士尼招牌吉拿棒

The Official Disney Magical Churros Recipe 迪士尼招牌吉拿棒

The Official Disney Magical Churros Recipe 迪士尼招牌吉拿棒

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A should when visiting Disneyland is to have the churros, as a result of late COVID-19 Coronavirus, Disney has been closed their theme park till additional discover, and I’m positive many people miss these churros they’re promoting on the snack bar. Simply final week, they’ve heard and determined to launch their churro recipe to most of the people, it was obtainable to obtain from their web site and for sure, I rushed to their website to obtain it and made it myself. I hope you take pleasure in this excellent and magical snack!

Disney Churro

1 Cup Water (8oz/225g)
1 Stick Unsalted Butter (4oz/113g)
¼ tsp Salt
¼ tsp Floor Cinnamon
1¼ Cup All-Goal Flour (6.2oz/175g)
Three Eggs

Cinnamon Sugar Coating:
½ tsp Floor Cinnamon
½Cup Sugar

1. Add water, butter, salt and floor cinnamon to the pan. Warmth over medium warmth till the butter melts.
2. Warmth till effervescent begins, add flour and stir till it turns into a dough.
3. Take away the pot from the hearth and let it cool for Three minutes.
4. Add the eggs one after the other slowly, stirring in parts till they’re thick and sticky.
5. The completed dough is positioned in a squeeze bag with a flower mouth.
6. Squeeze the dough into 7-Eight cm (Three inch) strips and fry them till golden brown.
7. Take Churros stands proud of oil pot and let cool.
8. Combine Cinnamon with Sugar to make Coating.
9. The Churro might be eaten with Cinnamon Sugar Coating or your favourite dipping sauce!

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迪士尼樂園推薦的必吃美食,絕對非「吉拿棒」莫屬啦!最近因為疫情閉園,讓迪士尼粉們都很想念園區小攤車販售的吉拿棒。沒想到迪士尼聽到了粉絲的心聲啦!上週竟然公開了Disney Kitchens的「獨家食譜」,哇 ~!!不用再多說啦!!立馬手刀迪士尼官網下載食譜,在家動手做啦!

1杯 水 (8oz/225g)
1條 無鹽奶油 (4oz/113g)
¼茶匙 鹽
¼茶匙 肉桂粉
1¼杯 中筋麵粉 (5oz/145g)
3顆 蛋

½茶匙 肉桂粉
½杯 砂糖

1. 在鍋中加入水、奶油、鹽和肉桂粉。中火加熱至奶油融化。
2. 加熱到開始冒泡,將麵粉加入攪拌,攪拌至變成麵團。
3. 將鍋子離火後冷卻3分鐘。
4. 將雞蛋一顆一顆慢慢加入,分次攪拌均勻至黏稠狀。
5. 完成的麵團放入裝有花嘴的擠花袋中。
6. 麵團擠成7~8公分(Three inch)長條狀放入油鍋炸至金黃。
7. 吉拿棒變成金黃色後取出冷卻。
8. 將肉桂粉和砂糖混和,做成肉桂糖沾粉。
9. 冷卻後的吉拿棒可以裹上肉桂糖一起食用喔!
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