Triple Biscuit Baileys Cheesecake Recipe // No Bake Christmas Desserts

Triple Biscuit Baileys Cheesecake Recipe // No Bake Christmas Desserts

Triple Biscuit Baileys Cheesecake Recipe – No Bake Christmas Desserts by Warren Nash

For a really indulgent Christmas dessert, attempt my triple biscuit Baileys cheesecake recipe. A straightforward no bake methodology – Only a small quantity of heating on the range required.

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Substances (Serves 10 | Prep time: 15m | Cooking time: 5m | 313 energy & 21.8g fats p/serving):

– 100g Butter
– 200g Digestive biscuits
– 135ml Double cream
– 2½ Gelatin sheets
– 300g Cream cheese
– 60g Icing sugar
– 1 tsp Vanilla extract
– 75ml Baileys
– Cocoa powder (to mud)

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