3 minutes : How to make a basic sourdough loaf

3 minutes : How to make a basic sourdough loaf

Three minutes : How you can make a primary sourdough loaf

A fast recipe video to indicate the important thing steps in making ready an baking sourdough bread.


400g / 3.25 cups of Robust White flour
290ml / 1.2 cups of lukewarm water
10g of additional water + 7g (teaspoon) of salt
150g / 1 cup of sourdough starter

Additional water included for filling up the channel of The Spring Oven.

The Spring Oven is a singular ovenware vessel designed particularly for bread baking. With a lowered channel within the base, water could be added to create steam whereas baking. Discover out extra right here:
Temple Pt. III by Cutside


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