4 Levels of Banana Bread: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

4 Levels of Banana Bread: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

four Ranges of Banana Bread: Beginner to Meals Scientist | Epicurious

[energetic drumbeat]
– Hello, I'm Jon, and I'm a stage one chef.
– I'm Gabrielle, and I'm a stage two chef.
– I'm Sim.
I'm the dean of bread baking
on the Institute of Culinary Schooling,
and I've been baking since 1973.
[energetic drumbeat]
– I’m an enormous fan of banana bread.
It is a very dumbed down model of my grandma's recipe
and simply makes me really feel heat inside.
– It's one of many solely meals that you just make
when one thing is about to go dangerous.
I'm making this banana bread gluten-free,
nevertheless it's gonna style simply nearly as good, if not higher.
– It is a extra Caribbean-style banana bread.
Pan de Platano, plantains, as a substitute of bananas.
[dramatic soundscape]
[bright chimes]
– First up, we're gonna mash up our bananas.
I historically like to make use of very ripe bananas.
– Towards the top of their life, if you’ll.
– They're mushy, they're simple to work with.
– Their sugar has, like,
I don't know the right way to say this scientifically,
however these are sweeter.
– So we're gonna use plantains.
The riper they’re, the sweeter the flavour,
similar to with common banana bread.
– Take away the peels up off our bananas.
– And if they’ve like little brown spots and stuff,
it's okay, that's the purpose!
They're excellent simply the way in which they’re!
– So I'm gonna take the highest off and the underside off.
Lower this in half.
Break up down the perimeters.
And I'm gonna take off my pores and skin.
– They already scent so good.
That's how you recognize , actually ripe banana.
– These are simply good and gentle
and able to flip into one thing lovely and superb.
– Let's roast these plantains.
Put a bit of little bit of olive oil on my paper.
Like that, lay these out.
Put a bit of little bit of sugar
and a bit of little bit of butter on high of this.
A little bit little bit of rum, it simply sorta offers it a pleasant taste.
Don't go loopy.
I'm gonna put these into an oven, 350 levels,
for about 10, 15 minutes.
– Now I'm simply gonna go up and mash them.
As a result of they're tremendous ripe, I'm simply gonna use a whisk.
May even use a fork if you happen to don't have a whisk.
– However a fork works simply nice.
– Listed below are the plantains.
They've now softened up significantly.
They're good and sorta caramely.
And we're gonna put these in a bowl like this
together with a bit of little bit of butter and that sugar and rum.
Smells unbelievable.
Onto the machine now.
And we're gonna begin this up.
– Very easy.
– Mash, mash, mash.
This was the most effective half once I was a child.
I assumed it was so enjoyable that my mother
let me destroy one thing within the kitchen.
– I wanna get these right down to, like, a banana stew.
If there's lumps, that's okay.
– I prefer to maintain it a bit of bit chunky
so I'm not gonna completely disintegrate all of the bananas.
– They're turning into gentle they usually're turning into mashed.
– So I've acquired my oven preheating,
and I'm gonna go forward and grease my loaf pan.
– Fairly easy, I'm simply gonna take a bit of oil.
– Easy cooking spray right here.
And gonna actually get that.
– Unfold it round a bit of bit.
– Good and greased.
– Then, I'm going to take my parchment paper.
And this actually helps you are taking it out when it's finished.
We don't need it sticking!
– So now for our batter.
We're gonna work with the moist elements.
Have my mashed bananas, which appear to be child meals.
Melted butter.
– I'm going to start out with mild brown
sugar. – Sugar.
Simply gonna combine all of it up.
– I'm gonna add in all my honey as properly.
I feel that the honey creates a bit of bit extra
of like a taste profile, quite than simply common sugar.
– I'm gonna put a bit of little bit of vanilla in right here.
– One egg.
Combine this up.
– Put in my coconut oil.
After which I'm gonna put in tahini.
It balances out a number of the sweetness.
Then I'm gonna begin whisking this collectively.
– Put a bit of little bit of orange juice in right here now,
simply to moisten up the batter.
– It's all in regards to the moisture, the moister the higher.
– Put the entire orange.
Simply gonna go away this for a short time,
let this get actually gentle and mushed.
Not too many lumps.
– I truly don't thoughts a bit of lumps in my banana bread.
– However I prefer it a bit of chunky.
I'm going to go forward and add in my eggs.
Give these a fast whisk earlier than I put in the remaining.
As an alternative of utilizing dairy milk,
I made a decision to make use of an almond milk.
After which lastly, we're gonna put in
the crown jewel, the bananas!
After which, it doesn't precisely look fairly
however I wanna attempt to get this all mixed.
– All my moist is in right here.
– Similar to while you make cookies or a cake,
you begin along with your sugar and your butter and your base
and then you definately go forward and add in your dry elements.
It's all totally mixed,
nonetheless have some good lumps in there.
For our dry elements, have my–
– [All] Flour.
– I wanna sift my gluten-free flour
after which almond meal, sift that in as properly,
to simply kinda bulk up this recipe a bit of bit.
I'm going to go forward and simply begin combining them
in little batches in order that I can be certain
that I'm not leaving something chunky
and it's all combining actually properly.
– Now we have.
– [All] Salt.
– Pink Himalayan sea salt.
'Trigger we're fancy like that.
– Baking powder. – Baking powder.
Similar to with a cake, gonna add
my dry elements into my moist elements
little by little, to not overwhelm it.
– We're gonna add
baking soda, cinnamon. – Baking soda, cinnamon.
Simply provides a bit of additional one thing.
– At all times maintain again on cinnamon, just a bit bit.
– After which my vanilla, which I assume just isn’t a dry ingredient
however I forgot so as to add it in any other case, so.
– Sugar.
I'm utilizing mild brown right here.
Large fan of nutmeg, which I discover
is a bit of bit extra fragrant, additionally makes you dream.
– Ensure that all of the elements get totally mixed.
I don't wanna see bits of flour.
– I'm sweating.
Baking isn't for the faint of coronary heart.
– Simply acquired some lovely walnuts right here.
Gonna chop these dangerous boys up.
– I’ve a very powerful component, the chocolate chunks,
from precise chocolate bars!
I'm gonna see what two of those bars appear to be
and possibly we'll do three.
In all probability three.
Why not?
– I’ve these roasted pecans.
Tough chop, good large items.
And in they go.
– You don't have so as to add in nuts
if you happen to don't prefer to otherwise you're allergic,
however for me, if I’ve them, it's a must-add.
– Ooh!
If you happen to've by no means had the satisfaction
of reducing by means of a chocolate bar, I extremely suggest it.
It's very therapeutic and it smells actually, actually good.
We're gonna do a 3rd one.
– We're gonna put a bit of little bit of ginger on this.
Crystallized ginger.
Chop it fairly small.
That is to style.
Combine your flour in so that you just distribute
the baking powder and the baking soda, which is vital.
– Fold the nuts in.
This seems to be so good!
– Gonna give this a stir earlier than I put it into the pan.
– Right here's my mashed.
I'm gonna put one egg in and blend that up a bit of bit extra.
And pour my dry in.
You don't wish to overmix
as a result of the gluten will tighten up.
And I'm truly gonna simply put
a bit of little bit of starter into my combine,
simply to love liven that taste up a bit of bit.
– That is finished!
Now, I'm going to pour this into my parchment-lined pan.
– [Jon] May see the lumps of banana.
Good chunks of walnut.
– All these chunks!
– You might do that in a metallic tin,
I sorta like these ornamental paper ones.
– Go forward and provides it a bit of shake.
– Okay, this seems to be good to me.
– Now so as to add on a topping.
– And make it look actually fairly.
And add some additional taste.
– Simply gonna add on some easy granulated sugar,
proper on the highest of my batter.
And this'll give it a bit of little bit of crunch.
– I'm going to chop a banana lengthwise.
Place it in right here.
It's a bit of prettier if you happen to put the seed facet dealing with up,
you kinda see the feel of the banana.
– Put some pecans on.
I wouldn't roast these earlier than occurring,
simply put these on uncooked.
– After which I'm gonna go forward and take my sesame seeds
and simply do a pleasant little sprinkling all around the high.
– I prefer to put some pineapple on there,
simply maintain that sorta Caribbean theme going.
Not too skinny slices, they sorta caramelize up a bit of bit.
– That is prepared to enter the oven now.
– Simply going to preheat my oven to 325 levels.
– 350 levels Fahrenheit.
– 45 minutes at 350.
– My banana bread is prepared.
It's been out of the oven.
Been cooling for a bit of bit.
– It collapsed a bit of bit,
however that's what occurs generally.
– We're gonna flip this range up.
And we're gonna put a bit of little bit of nappage in there.
Nappage is definitely a glaze
that's constituted of agar agar, which is a seaweed.
We're gonna simply do some little bit of water in there.
Okay, we're melting it down, mixing it with the water.
While that's going, let's take these out.
– With this little spatula man.
– [Gabrielle] Loosen the sides a bit of bit.
– Give it a pleasant little shake right here.
– Oh yeah!
– Now we're gonna take a bit of little bit of nappage right here,
glaze my pineapple there, and I'm even gonna do a drip
on high of my nuts like that.
I are likely to put icing sugar on all the things,
or confectioner's sugar.
I similar to the way it seems to be.
– Mm.
– Ooh!
I see the chunks.
– It's not so moist, it's not gummy.
But it surely's excellent to eat.
– And that is my banana bread.
[pleasant music] [dramatic crash]
– And right here is my tahini darkish chocolate chunk
gluten-free banana bread.
[pleasant music] [dramatic crash]
– Pan de Platano, or Caribbean plantain bread.
[dramatic crash]
[pleasant music]
– Seems to be fairly good.
– Oh yeah. – Mm.
That's good.
– Tremendous moist, simply the way in which I prefer it.
Good and candy however not too candy.
– It's acquired so many chunks in it.
Yay, I'm so joyful!
It turned out so good.
– All in all, fairly good end result.
Pan de Platano.
[dramatic crash]
– Banana bread is a fast bread
that's a well-liked and scrumptious method to make use of overripe bananas.
Let's see what every of our three cooks
did with their recipes.
[dramatic music]
We use bananas as a fruit, however botanically,
they're truly a kind of berry.
Though they're distinctive in style,
bananas share one of many most important fragrant compounds
you additionally discover in cloves, known as eugenol.
Eugenol is a colorless compound
present in a lot of important oils
and sometimes utilized in perfumery.
– This smells so good.
– When unripe, bananas are inexperienced with a tough flesh
and a really starchy, barely bitter style.
– These aren't even gonna be that candy but.
– As bananas ripen, the flesh turns into gentle, easy and candy
on account of amyl acetate and esters that develop.
If left to turn into overripe, the peel will get very darkish
and the flesh turns into gentle and generally darkens
because of the browning enzyme known as polyphenol oxidase.
Jon and Gabrielle used overripe bananas
as a result of they're gentle, candy and gentle.
And really simple to mix into the batter
with a whisk like Jon did, or a fork like Gabrielle did.
It is a smart way to make use of bananas
which are on the finish of their life.
– It's actually a beautiful little lifecycle of a banana.
– [Rose] Sim used plantains
to provide his dish a Caribbean aptitude.
– It's not banana bread, it's not the identical.
– Like bananas, plantains are botanically labeled
as seedless berries, however are totally different from bananas
in that they maintain their starchiness
even once they're ripe.
So whereas the plantain's peel could also be black,
indicating ripeness, they're nonetheless
very dry and starchy inside, with some astringency.
Plantains are decrease in sugar than bananas
and normally aren't eaten uncooked like their banana cousins
on account of their excessive starch content material.
[dramatic music]
Jon's batter was basic, easy, and scrumptious.
He ready his pan with a cooking spray.
It permits the banana bread to launch simply
from the pan as soon as it's cooled.
He used a easy muffin mixing technique,
which suggests he blended all of his dry elements
besides the sugar, and individually blended
the moist elements with the white sugar,
after which mixed the 2 with minimal mixing.
– Easy combine with a fork.
– He relied on baking powder as his leavener.
Baking powder for do-it-yourself recipes
is admittedly known as sodium aluminum sulfate phosphate.
It reacts and produces sulfuric acid
when it's mixed with moist elements,
after which converts the sulfuric acid to carbon dioxide
when it's heated throughout baking.
It's the carbon dioxide that leavens the batter
and provides that good, tender crumb.
Gabrielle ready her pan with parchment paper
and brushed it with coconut oil.
It's a gluten-free cake, so there's no wheat-based flour.
As an alternative, Gabrielle makes use of gluten-free flour.
– If you happen to had been to provide this to somebody
and never inform them it was gluten-free,
no probability they might know.
– Gluten-free flour is a mixture of starches
which are pulverized to make the consistency
of all-purpose flour.
It typically incorporates starches from beans, rice, tapioca,
potatoes, sorghum, and cellulose.
Cellulose is a starch derived from indigestible wooden
and plant cell partitions.
Gabrielle additionally used brown sugar
as a substitute of white sugar that Jon used.
White sugar provides straight sweetness,
whereas brown sugar provides extra advanced mineral caramel flavors
to Gabrielle's banana bread.
She additionally added tahini, which is made
from floor, toasted sesame seeds,
and provides a nutty, coffee-like taste to her banana bread.
– I feel that that's simply form of the component
that's bringing all the things collectively.
– Sim's Caribbean-inspired banana bread
was began by roasting his plantains
with butter, sugar, and rum.
This softens and sweetens his plantains
which is critical for this starchy fruit.
Sim additionally roasted his pecans,
which introduced out roasted flavors
and made them darker because of the Maillard response.
He used a mixture of baking soda and powder
to provide additional porosity to his closing product.
It is a heavy and dense batter
so it's good so as to add each.
The orange juice that he added provides a vibrant citrus be aware
and acts as the mandatory acid
together with molasses on the brown sugar,
and the starter tradition.
This starter tradition just isn’t wanted right here,
since there's sufficient acid from the orange juice
and the brown sugar to make the baking soda react.
– This isn't actually vital,
nevertheless it does make a pleasant addition.
– Sim added it as a result of it gave a tangy high quality
to his banana bread.
[dramatic music]
Jon added chopped walnuts for texture
and a richness that comes from this high-fat nut.
– One thing in regards to the nuts and the banana bread
simply go actually hand in hand.
– Gabrielle added semisweet chocolate
that she chipped from bars.
These misshapen shards of chocolate
soften fantastically in layers.
The chocolate and the tahini are scrumptious collectively
and create a singular and opulent taste
in her banana bread.
– The tahini is so delicate.
If you happen to didn't know, you wouldn't suppose it was in there.
– Sim added candied ginger, giving his banana bread
a heat, spicy sweetness.
It additionally provides a little bit of crunch,
as a result of the sugar is crystallized.
[dramatic music]
Jon retains it basic with a dusting
of granulated sugar on high.
The temperature of the bread by no means will get sizzling sufficient
to completely soften the crystalline sugar,
so it retains its crunchy construction.
– The sugary topping on high, oh my god, it's so good.
– Gabrielle sliced a banana in half lengthwise
and positioned it gently on high of her batter
with white sesame seeds sprinkled on high.
– Doesn't need to be tremendous ripe.
You should utilize a traditional banana for this.
– This provides a touch as to what's within the banana bread.
Sim added sliced pineapple to at least one loaf,
preserving along with his Caribbean theme,
and pecans to the opposite loaf.
He brushed his garnish with–
– Nappage.
Tastes fairly good.
– Which supplies a basic shine and added sweetness.
And completed it with a really mild dusting
of powdered sugar.
[dramatic music]
Jon baked his banana bread for an hour
at 325 levels in a conventional 9 by 5 loaf pan.
This ensures that the middle of his dense batter bakes
with out burning the surface.
Gabrielle baked her banana bread for 45 minutes
at 350 levels in a conventional 9 by 5 loaf pan.
She had extra-rich elements in her bread
like tahini, honey, almond meal and almond milk,
so she wanted the upper temperature
to dehydrate her batter.
Sim baked his in smaller pans
for 35 to 40 minutes at 350 levels.
Plantains are decrease in water and better in starch
in comparison with bananas, so that they don't require
as lengthy of a cooking time to dry the bread.
– It's not fairly as moist as your common banana bread.
– Banana bread is a deal with from begin to end.
Subsequent time you may have bananas
that might be higher off in a batter,
I hope you'll take into account a few of our three cooks' concepts
to make it your individual.
– Hey Gabrielle.
– Oh, Andy! – Yeah.
– Hey guys. – Come on in!
I’d love so that you can do that, sure.
– I’d like to attempt it.
– Please do. [laughing].
– Huh? – That's actually good.
– Uh huh.
Effectively, I’ve a bit of secret for you.
– What's that?
– It’s gluten-free.
– We're not gonna air this, proper?
Nice, I'll simply end this.
– Mr. Non Gluten-Free himself.
– This'll be our secret.
'Trigger I’ve a picture to take care of
of being anti-gluten-free stuff.
However that is good.


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