Easy, Goofy, Cute + Spooky Skull Cookies For Halloween

Easy, Goofy, Cute + Spooky Skull Cookies For Halloween

These goofy cranium cookies are completely cute and enjoyable! Plus, very simple to make! If you do not have a snowman cookie cutter, it is okay simply use your cranium cutter! Cute Halloween treats.

I used darkish brown and orange royal icing, you should use your favourite colours. For the primary layer, the icing I used was about 10 seconds or so. Let it crust, then make the cranium’s face! For the tooth: depart some house between one tooth and one other, allow them to crust earlier than making the center one.

In case you make these cookies, please let me know! Present me your footage on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/gameofcookiesyt/

MUSIC – Mountaineering Ogre Swamps by TeknoAXE:

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Questi biscotti sono adorabili e divertenti! Realizzarli è facilissimo! Se non avete un tagliabiscotti a forma di pupazzo di neve, potete usarne uno a forma di teschio (ovviamente! ahah).
Per realizzare il primo strato di glassa, ho usato una glassa di 10 secondi circa. Potete cambiare anche colore e personalizzare i biscotti, se volete! Per il resto del biscotto, ho comunque usato una glassa piuttosto densa. Per fare i denti, lasciate dello spazio tra un dente e l’altro, lasciate che facciano la crosta e poi continuate!

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