The Original Victorian Christmas Pudding Recipe // Food, Glorious, Food // Cooking with Dickens

The Original Victorian Christmas Pudding Recipe // Food, Glorious, Food // Cooking with Dickens

Dickens’s pleasure of Christmas illuminates his writing and is very clear in his scenes of festive feasting; none is extra necessary or joyful than when Mrs Cratchit brings out her flaming Christmas pudding in a Christmas Carol. On this video Pen Vogler shares her recipe to make an authentic Victorian Christmas pudding to problem Mrs Cratchit.

85 grams of plain flour
Pinch of salt
170g Veg or beef Suet
140g of brown sugar
1 teaspoon blended spice
170g of breadcrumbs
170 grams of raisins
170 grams of currants
55 grams of lower blended peel
1 apple
three eggs, overwhelmed
140ml of brandy
Butter for greasing

This video is the primary in a collection of 5 movies celebrating our particular exhibition, Meals Superb Meals: Dinner with Dickens.

Pen Vogler is a meals historian specialising in meals in literature and visitor curator of the exhibition Meals Superb Meals: Dinner with Dickens. She can be writer of Dinner with Mr Darcy, Tea with Jane Austen, Dinner with Dickens and Christmas with Dickens, and edited Penguin’s Nice Meals collection, revealed by Penguin Classics in 2011. She has written on meals in historical past and literature for The Guardian Assessment, BBC Historical past Journal, Sunday Instances, The Girl Journal, The Oldie, The Observer. She has cooked recipes from the previous for Radio 4’s PM and Making Historical past, Mrs Dickens Household Christmas on BBC2 and been interviewed for quite a few papers and podcasts. She has given talks and tastings at festivals and occasions all through Britain.

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