The World’s Simplest Sourdough Bread Recipe!

The World’s Simplest Sourdough Bread Recipe!

The World’s Easiest Sourdough Bread Recipe!

Hello Daring Bakers, just lately I made my first ever sourdough starter.
Nicely that’s not technically true, I’ve made it earlier than however that is the primary time
I’ve stored it alive.
It’s very easy and I did a recipe video on how you are able to do it too.
So right here’s the factor, I made this a number of weeks in the past and now it’s prepared to make use of.
So I’m gonna take this and make the world’s best loaf of sourdough bread.
Easy approach, naked bones, I assure everybody on the market could make it.
And becoming a member of us behind the digicam this week is my husband Kevin.
Yep, I’m proper right here once more and George is certainly asleep.
So for accuracy with sourdough I do like to make use of a digital weighing scale, however I do have
the cup measurements on my web site.
No matter you want.
So the very first thing we’re gonna weigh out is our sourdough starter.
Now come right here to me Kevin, I need you to see how good this man is trying.
That is Breaddie Vedder.
We referred to as him Breaddie Vedder as a result of we love Pearl Jam on this home.
And look how bubbly and alive that is.
So we’re going to scoop this into our good huge bowl.
So as soon as you utilize your starter you’re going to should feed him once more and all of that
info is on my web site.
So the following factor we’re going so as to add in is the water, now you need blood temperature
Now how one can inform that’s you place your finger in, and you may’t actually really feel your
finger across the water, meaning it’s the identical temperature as your blood.
Yeast loves this form of heat water to assist it develop.
After which what I like so as to add into my bread is just a little little bit of olive oil.
After which all you wish to do is simply combine these components collectively.
So now let’s discuss flour.
I’m utilizing a bread flour for this sourdough.
So right here’s the factor, that little bit additional gluten as in comparison with all function flour offers
you a greater crumb, a butter texture, it’s chewier.
Positively use bread flour for this.
Now I do know I’m gonna get quite a lot of questions, can I exploit all function flour?
Technically sure, you should utilize all function flour, you would possibly want rather less liquid, however for
greatest outcomes go together with bread flour.
After which a pleasant little bit of salt, salt is basically vital for the flavour of your bread.
There you go, the easy components it’s worthwhile to make bread.
And as you possibly can see there’s no dairy in right here so it’s vegan which is nice.
So now I’m gonna take away the scales.
So now the blending of the dough, that is the only half.
This can be a no-knead dough so that you don’t want a kitchen mixer to make it.
So right here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to take away my rings as a result of i’m going
to combine it by hand.
You need to use a wood spoon or spatula, however the purpose I exploit my hand is as a result of I can
see precisely what’s occurring within the dough, if it wants extra water or something like that.
It all the time varies as a result of your flour is totally different from my flour, issues like that, so in case you
go in together with your arms you possibly can inform what’s occurring and you may make your changes
early earlier than you’ve combined it an excessive amount of.
So my dough is all coming collectively, I’ve a pleasant clear bowl and a giant ball of dough.
So right here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna put this over to the aspect.
I’m gonna herald just a little little bit of olive oil, only a drizzle.
After which simply coat your bowl with olive oil after which pop again in your dough.
The rationale that we do it’s because we’re gonna proof our dough on this bowl.
And we wish to make it simple on the dough to rise, we don’t wish to stretch out the dough.
So placing just a little little bit of oil there’ll simply assist it glide up the bowl when it’s
Okay excellent, you possibly can inform early on if you get your arms in there if it’s a superb dough
and I can inform that that is.
So proper now I’m gonna cowl this with cling wrap, good and tight, simply to maintain the air
off the dough.
After which I’m going to put over a towel.
So right here’s what you wish to do, it is a no knead dough bear in mind, so that you’re going
to should ferment it.
So we’re going to let our dough relaxation for round 12-18 hours, and over this time interval
the gluten will get stronger, the bubbles will kind, the flavour will develop, then we’ll
have the ability to form and cook dinner off our bread.
So as a result of this takes a very long time, I ready one yesterday so it’d be prepared in time for
Gemma query for you: what’s Sourdough?
In order that’s a superb query.
Sourdough is bread that’s leavened with wild yeast discovered within the environment, and that’s
what your starter is.
It’s wild yeast that you simply fermented over time, it’s simply flour and water.
You feed it and it creates this yeast, so to your bread there’s no want for business
yeast you’ve really made your personal.
So it’s actually unbelievable, it provides higher taste, texture.
Sourdough is simply the superior bread, if you make a loaf, there’s simply one thing
actually rewarding about it.
So this has been fermenting for over 18 hours roughly.
For those who don’t use this after at the least 24 hours pop it into the fridge and you should utilize
it for as much as three days.
However positively put it into the fridge after 24 hours.
So now I need you to see this, that is the fantastic thing about sourdough bread.
Take a look at this, do you see that Kevin?
Do you see all these pretty bubbles?
All of the gasses?
I can odor it too.
That is what time yields us, these pretty, huge, pockets of air.
And because of this we wish to use a bread flour as a result of bread flour holds these a lot better,
it’s stronger.
So right here’s a query I get lots about bread dough, possibly anyone left it for 24 hours
it begins to get a odor, they are saying to me, can I exploit this it smells type of dangerous.
However that’s the factor, that’s not a nasty odor, that’s a superb odor.
That odor is booze, fermentation, taste.
That’s precisely what your dough ought to odor like.
So you possibly can nonetheless use it, there’s nothing unsuitable with it, it’s nice.
So now our dough is able to be turned out of the bowl.
Do you see that?
Do you see these gluten strands?
That is lovely.
So typically if you flip a bread dough out of a bowl I say knock out the air, however for this
one we’re not going to.
We’re type of however in a different way, I’ll present you.
We’re simply gonna fold the dough onto itself.
The rationale I do that is to strengthen the dough.
You’ll see this methodology lots in sourdough making, folks speaking about folding their
And it’s simply to make it that little bit stronger.
And now what I wish to do is kind it right into a ball and you are able to do that by pushing it into
your desk and turning it right into a ball.
Now, the vast majority of time I say to make use of a floured floor, however on the subject of shaping bread
I really don’t put flour on my floor.
It’s a lot simpler to form it with out flour as a result of it type of offers it that traction.
So now let’s speak proofing.
So you will get a type of fancy proofing baskets on-line if you would like, they’re like
Right here I’ve a pleasant little bread basket that I discovered within the greenback retailer.
It’s also possible to use any type of a bowl.
And what I’m going to do is line this with a pleasant clear serviette.
And I’m generously gonna flour this up the perimeters and on the underside, be beneficiant with
this as a result of it not solely stops your dough from sticking but it surely’ll give it a beautiful
end on the finish.
There we go.
So choose up your loaf, put the seam aspect going through upwards and the graceful aspect going through down, and
lay it into your basket, similar to that.
Then fold over the serviette so all of the bread is sealed, we don’t need any air to get
in on the bread as a result of it would kind a pores and skin.
So now let’s speak proofing, this does take a little bit of time as a result of it’s a giant bread.
So roughly, relying on how heat your kitchen is, it’ll take between an hour and forty
5 minutes to 2 and a half hours.
Over this time you need it to get good and large, gentle, fluffy, ethereal, after which it’s
going to be excellent to be baked off.
Okay so whereas that is proofing Kevin and I are going to get a cup of tea.
So it’s been a full two hours so let me present you what your bread ought to seem like
So that is nicely risen, and also you’re speaking about one and a half to 2 instances the dimensions.
I can really feel that the dough will not be as chilly because it was in order that’s nice.
And if you contact it, it’s gentle beneath your fingers and never as dense.
And one other solution to inform if it’s correctly proofed is give it just a little little bit of a push,
and if the dough rises again slowly meaning it’s prepared to enter the oven.
If it bounces again actually quick then it wants extra time to proof.
So this is able to go.
Okay now let’s speak baking, that is actually vital so I don’t need you to skip over
this half.
There’s a number of strategies you are able to do, so I’m gonna present you three.
Primary is baking off your dough in a dutch oven, now you’ve in all probability seen this on-line.
They make an incredible loaf of bread, what occurs is that steam is created when you placed on that
lid, it steams the bread and if you take it off it continues to cook dinner.
And the beautiful thick partitions of the dutch oven actually retain that warmth.
Our second methodology is one other solution to introduce steam.
What you do is you place a cake pan with some boiling water in it, and if you add your
bread, the bread bakes it creates steam and it’ll offer you a beautiful shiny crust.
So our third choice is a unbelievable one and I do that on a regular basis, it’s nearly pretty much as good
as utilizing a dutch oven.
In my oven I’ve a forged iron tray, use a thick baking tray in case you have on.
So right here I’ve a baking tray and thoroughly end up your dough, it is a pretty form
however go in together with your arms and make it a tighter ball.
Simply be certain it’s good and spherical.
So utilizing a pointy knife or a blade I’m going to attain the highest of the bread.
So I’m gonna do a rating proper down the center, you are able to do any type of design you want.
Gemma why do you rating your bread?
In order that’s a superb query, you would possibly suppose it’s only for appears however really it’s
to set free steam whereas it’s baking.
For those who don’t rating your bread it will probably type of burst or crack on one aspect so that you need
to ensure you have some type of marking on high to let that out.
Over my bread dough I’m going to place a metallic bowl.
Now, you want a metallic bowl as a result of it’s going to enter the oven.
Take a look at your kitchen mixer as a result of that’s precisely what this bowl is.
So simply put over your metallic bowl and watch out to not contact the dough, simply have it round
That is excellent, that is our baking vessel.
So now baking bread, bread loves a very scorching oven, so if you’re preheating your
oven preheat it to 450° F or 225° C, however then if you really put in your bread,
flip it all the way down to 400°F or 200°C. Okay so after 30 minutes you take away the bowl, you don’t
need it to steam the entire period of time, only for 30 mintues.
So then you definately bake it uncovered for one more 30 minutes in that good scorching dry oven.
Ta-da, take a look at this nice loaf of bread.
Now don’t go wherever as a result of I wish to present you a number of issues.
You see right here how that crust is good and glossy?
That’s as a result of we steamed the bread, this step is basically vital as a result of it offers
you a pleasant shiny, chewy crust so that you don’t wanna overlook that.
For those who look down right here on the backside of the bread, it type of goes up like this.
That’s referred to as oven spring and we acquired this as a result of we put it on a pleasant heated tray, placing
it on forged iron did it a world of excellent.
And as you possibly can see right here our good huge rating made our bread look good and delightful, so
actually get in there together with your knife and do a pleasant deep rating.
This appears like a legit loaf of artisanal sourdough bread, prefer it’s wonderful.
You are able to do this to at residence.
So now right here’s the inform of an awesome sourdough, choose it up and provides it a pleasant squeeze, you
hear that?
A stunning thick crust and that’s what that dry warmth does as soon as you’re taking off the bowl it
offers you that pretty crust.
It’s wonderful.
So now let’s take a look on the inside as a result of I wish to present you all that point ready,
what it creates.
So there you go, right away we are able to see all of our exhausting working paying off, you see
these bubbles within the crumb?
That’s from the fermenting course of, from letting it sit additional time and the gasses constructing
up within the gluten.
One factor I like about sourdough is that every loaf is exclusive, in order that they’ll style related
they usually’ll all have an analogous texture however they’re all going to be completely totally different
and that’s what’s lovely about them.
Oh my gosh, the longer you retain the starter, the higher the flavour.
So in a number of months time, your sourdough will likely be much more developed.
It’s lovely, it’s bitter, it’s salty, it has wonderful taste and the feel is unbelievable.
And like all nice sourdough this has a beautiful thick crust, that is completely wonderful.
So that is only the start of our sourdough journey, I’ve tons extra to come back.
Additionally ensure you take a look at the remainder of my bread movies and I’ll see you again actual

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